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Our Attorneys and Staff are very passionate about protecting the rights of consumers from suppliers, collectors and creditors. We help individuals and businesses reorganize their debts, help them keep all or most of their property, save homes from foreclosure, stop wage garnishments, and assist people to “get a fresh financial start”. Our assistance does not stop once your legal matter is over. We are available to assist you to rebuild your credit, buy the new house or start the new business that you always wanted to. This is a small law firm, and as such, can and does provide personal service, quality representation, and follow up.

We offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION for most of your legal issues. We also offer affordable payment plans for legal fees. If for some reason you cannot afford to pay legal fees due to prolonged unemployment, or illness etc. Also if you have been rejected as a Client by Legal Aid, our office will provide you with free bankruptcy legal services.

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These are tough economic times. Talk to us. We are confident that we will be able to ease your burden, and provide you with innovative legal solutions to resolve the major issues facing you at this time. The Attorneys and Staff of the Dsouza Law Group, P.A. Thank you for visiting our website and trust that you find the information helpful. Browse through our Areas of practice to get an idea of the legal services we provide.

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Words from our customers in South Florida

  • What can I say about Elias that wont sound like a fake review? He is the greatest lawyer that was every created. I know that lawyers get a bad rap, probably well deserved, but Elias is one of those lawyers who really has your best interest at heart.
  • Elias has helped me with a couple of legal issues over the years and without question I would recommend him to anyone. Everyone that I have referred has come away completely satisfied with the services provided.
  • Attorney Dsouza helped me with my foreclosure, bankruptcy, and credit restoration. He is a very kind, caring, understanding, and extremely intelligent lawyer, and he helped me get a fresh start. I am now back on my feet because of him. Thank you Attorney Dsouza for helping me out my financial mess. Sincerely M. Henry
  • I love my attorney. Attorney Elias Leonard Dsouza is a legal genius. He has successfully defended my foreclosure from his Plantation law office for over seven years, has taken me through a chapter 13 bankruptcy, helped me get a fresh start, and helped me restore my credit. He has been a blessing for me and my family. I will continue to refer my friends, family and co-workers to his office for all foreclosure, bankruptcy, and any legal matters.Monelle
  • "I worked with Elias at the Law Offices of David Marshall Brown, and later we pitched in for each other when we each had our own practices. I have always found Elias to be honest, compassionate, caring, and an excellent attorney. He was dedicated to helping his clients to achieve the best counsel and outcome for their particular and individual cases. I recommended may clients to Elias, and each one came back to tell me how pleased they were with his capabilities as an attorney and his compassionate attitude. He is well informed on his specialties and has always proven a reliable colleague and possesses an extensive source of knowledge. I would be more than happy to recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney."
  • "My Name is Aida Arias and I think my Attorney is one of the best. Ever since a friend of mine referred me to him, I have been very pleased with his services as he is always there for me, answering all my questions. He is astonishingly knowledgeable when it comes to the law and is always there guiding me in the right direction or when I call upon him. He helped me with my bankruptcy case and I was very confident during the process. Since I am Hispanic, I feel familiar when he speaks to me in a friendly and helpful manner. I am very happy with my lawyer, Mr. Elias Leonard Dsouza... I always recommend him to all my friends."
  • "Elias, You're a great attorney, and I want everyone to know it. More than 10 years ago, you helped to save my home when I walked into your office, so desperate and so in need of good advice. You lent me your hand and got me out of my situation successfully. I thank you for being a kind and compassionate attorney and a great listener. Anyone would have great representation by hiring you.
  • "I worked with Elias as a colleague in both a law firm setting and in co-counsel capacities. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional, and clients love him. He helped some family members with their financial problems, and they couldn't praise him enough. I am proud to call him a friend and mentor, and would recommend him as an attorney for anyone that needs services he provides."
  • "Since the moment I met Mr. Elias, everything turn well, make feel so comfortable just like family, my headache went away soon explain my problems, and then after he solve my trouble continue kept in touché with me and also e is able to give advise in any moment, also no problems with appointments, he even accepted walks in any time, was my lucky day when I met him, Raul Vignale"
  • "This man has great patience and understanding south so that he'll put others before himself, as he did when I needed professional advice at a time when things were quite desperate. Bottom line, with the time he GAVE me, I was able to maintain my residence of 23 years without having to surrender it to the courts. He has my total trust and he should also have yours."